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Comer Photos is the Photography site for amateur photographer Ross Comer.  I love creating fun memories for runners doing amazing things, where "amazing" equals anything from running a 200-miler to just getting off the couch and walking a 5K.

I got into race photography after attending a race that didn't have a photographer.  Prior to that, all the races I attended had a photographer there to capture my amazing achievement, from my first 5K to a 10K, Half Marathon, and trail 25K.  But the epic 30K I did ("epic" because I got lost, cut the course, and redid a part of it completing at least 35K) had no photographer.  I was also incredibly appreciative of the compliment I got from Takao Suzuki (http://runners.photos) who said "great job!" as I passed by him during a race at Redmond Watershed.  It was then that I decided I would help out where I could to make sure that every runner got the photo they deserve.  Thanks to the support of the photography community, including Takao Suzuki, Glenn Tachiyama (http://tachifoto.net), and Paul Nelson (http://paulnelson.smugmug.com) for helping me in this pursuit.

I consider myself the "race photographer of last resort" when a race otherwise wouldn't have a photographer.  This usually occurs because the race is too small, free, or a fund-raiser.  If the organization could pay for a professional photographer or find another volunteer photographer, then my volunteer time will be used elsewhere.

In addition to race photography, I also run a Bib Tagging service (http://comerphotos.com/Bib-Tagging) which photographers can use to make their photos easily searchable by bib number or name.

You can contact me at: ComerPhotos@Outlook.com

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