Photo Bib and Name Tagging 

Comer Photos is now Beta Testing the same great Bib Tagging used on as a service to photographers to allow for easy image searching by your customers.  Your photographs will be tagged with bib number and, if desired, first and last names.

Allowing your customers to find their photos easier will not only increase their satisfaction with your service but will result in more sales.  Race Directors also appreciate the additional ease-of-use of the service and this can be the differentiator between you getting a job or not.

Fill out the Inquiry Form on our Contact page to find out more and verify availability to the Beta.

Customer Quotes:

Runner Angie Martin Posted on Facebook regarding the 2014 Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon: "You guys are so awesome!! Thank you so much for making the photos easy to navigate and download, another reason why this race is so great!!" - June 25, 2014 at 8:59pm


We find the bib numbers of the main subject in more than 99% of all photos!  Here is a detailed analysis of recent results:

94% had all bib numbers accurately identified

3% found MORE than are visible, usually because a previous picture had the full bib

1% missed bib numbers in the background, usually fuzzy and not the main subject

1% missed partial bib numbers (could only see "12" in "123")

<0.5% completely missed any fully-visible bib number

See It In Action

See searchable Tags in action in the Photo Galleries Snoqualmie Valley Half and   as well as Taylor Mountain Trail Run.Try searching our own site for a Participant here and feel free to try searching for a different name such as Smith.


Simply upload a compressed (<300KB) copy of your photos to our FTP site.  If desired, provide a list of bib #, first name, and last name for name tagging.  You will receive a file which is run on a PC that will apply the tags to your photos. Other formats may be available; please inquire below.

Fine Print:

Tags are only applied to pictures where the bib number is visible.  If the same runner is in two pictures but the bib number is only readable in one picture, only that one picture will be tagged.  If you would be willing to pay an increased amount, say $0.10 per photo, for this service, please send me a note using the form below so it can be considered for future development.

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