About Ross

Ross Comer started out as an amateur photographer, mainly as a proud father taking pictures of his 2 kids' activities.  After taking up running, Ross was disappointed to find that some of the races didn't have photographers and so joined the local photography community in taking pictures at races that would otherwise have no photographer.

Ross lives in, and continues to run and shoot races around, Redmond, Washington

Bib Tagging

One thing that became quickly evident was that it was difficult for runners to find their photos by scrolling through hundreds of photos.  While large photography companies did provide bib tagging, nothing seemed to be available for the small photographer unless you wanted to switch hosting sites to one that supported bib tagging.  Ross therefore decided to create his own system for tagging photos.

Other photographers began to notice the tagging and asked if the service was available for outside photographers.  Thus Comer Bib Tagging was born.

The tagging has been successfully used in 10's of thousands of photos including over 21,000 photos at the inaugural Beat the Blerch Race.

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