What does your service cost?

Costs can be found on the Pricing page.  In short, there is a per-job setup fee and then a charge per photo.  The more photos that are being tagged, the lower the per-photo cost.

When is payment made?

Payment is made only after you are satisfied with the tagging.  We will work with you on any issues but if in the end you are not satisfied then were is no cost to you.

How do I get started?

Go to the Contact page to schedule your event.  Scheduling in advance allows us to ensure the fastest possible turn-around.  While we promise turn-around in 2-3 days, we can frequently finish sooner if scheduling permits.

How do I use your service?

See the Instructions page for detailed instructions on how you work with our service.  It can be extremely simple for you if you want to provide us with your originals to tag directly.  However if you want to keep working on your photos while we do the tagging, we support that as well.

Who uses your service?

We have customers from across the world including ourselves!  Photographers who use us typically have thousands of photos to tag and appreciate the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of our service.

I want to buy your software rather than using your service

Sorry, our proprietary software is not for sale.

When does your service work best?  Not work well?

We work best when the bib is clearly visible.  If you can easily read the bib number in a 5x7 photo then we should pick it up.  If you are taking a wide shot and need to zoom in excessively and have trouble reading it, we will probably have trouble as well.

What goes wrong with the tagging?

We tend to over-index photos.  That means if a bib is "1234", on a rare occasion, especially when the bib isn't completely clear, we will tag the photo with both "1234" and "123".  The photo is still find-able by the right bib number but someone searching for "123" will also see it; in that case they will see they aren't in the picture and ignore it.  We prefer to over-index than under-index (miss bibs) to ensure your customers find all of their photos.

Can you add additional tags based on bib number?

Sure!  Send us a file (Excel or CSV work well) with bib numbers and the other information you want tagged and we will add the information to each photo.  First and Last names are what is added most often although we have also done email addresses to allow easy marketing of the photos.  We can even add age-group or other fields for easy searching by group ("Show me all photos of people in the Male 40-45 age group").

I have other questions

We are happy to answer them.  Please see our Contact page to reach us.

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