Bib Tagging


$50 setup fee + Per image costs of:

$0.04 for first 1,000 images

$0.03 for next 4,000 images (5,000 total)

$0.02 for additional images

(Normal pricing: $75 setup + $0.05 up to 1,000, $0.04 for next 4,000 images, and $0.03 for more than 5,000 images.)

Sample costs for:

10,000 images:  $50 + (1,000*.04 + 4,000*.03 + 5,000 * $0.02) = $310 or $0.031 per image

3,000 images: $50 + (1,000*.04 + 2,000 * .03) = $150 or $0.05 per image

Additional Options:

Rush (under 24-hour) Turnaround:  $25

Tags are normally turned around in 2 (sometimes 3) business days.  24-hour turnaround must be scheduled in advance and time starts from the time the files are all uploaded to the time the tags are returned.

Compared to hiring a college student:

An individual can identify tags in approximately 10 photos per minute or 600 per hour.  If they stare at a screen and type for the complete hour with no breaks.  Which is hard. 

At a wage of $15 per hour, that works out to $0.025 per photo and will take over 16 hours to tag all the photos.

The tagging system we use reviews each photo TWICE, using a different method for the second pass, for accuracy.  Taking the above example, that means it would take two people 16 hours each to get similar results or $0.05 per photo.  Not only is our system less expensive for 3,000 images or more (and is competitive for fewer) but can also be completed much faster.  And we are way easier than dealing with college students.

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