Comer Photography (ie. Ross Comer) provides photography services for races, usually trail-running races.


Ross is available for those events where a professional photographer is unavailable.  In other words, the Photographer of Last Resort.  As a photo hobbyist, it is Ross' explicit goal to take business away from professional photographers.  If all professional photographers have been contacted, then Ross will consider helping out at an event.

Here are some great photographers in the greater Seattle area and their pictures of Ross:

Glenn Tachiyama:

Gameface Media: (Better Half)

On the Run Events: (Tacoma Narrows)

CJ Photography: (Snoqualmie Valley Half)

Takao Suzuki:


While this is a volunteer role, it typically takes 2-3x of post-processing for every hour on site taking pictures, so a 5 hour event quickly turns into a 15-20 hr adventure which goes above and beyond normal volunteering.

After years of following the traditional model of watermarking photos and charging customers to get a copy without the watermark, it's time to switch to a different model.  In this model, Race Directors can pay a reasonable cost per runner (with minimums) plus expenses, usually range from $100-300 depending on the event.  In exchange, digital downloads are made available at no charge to participants.


Ross got into Race Photography after running his longest distance yet, a 30K over Chuckanut Mountain in Bellingham.  Having been spoiled by great photos at previous events, Ross was disappointed that there was no photographer for the race given it's size and location. Having spent far too much time photographing his young children, Ross decided to help out those races that wouldn't otherwise have photographers.

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