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Congratulations to all the runners of the Beat the Blerch 10K, Half, and Full Marathon (http://www.beattheblerch.com/)!  You are welcome to download any images at no charge by clicking the "Download" link or click "Buy" to purchase Prints or Merchandise.

Photo downloads are free for personal use.  For commercial use inquiries, please contact ComerPhotos@Outlook.com.  All images are copyrighted © 2014 Ross Comer. All rights reserved...  

More photos from spectators can be found here.


You can enter your bib number, first name, or last name to find most of your photos. All photos have been indexed as best as possible, although you may want to browse the albums to find more.


You can also browse the galleries below to find additional photos.  

Some galleries are divided by time that you passed through that section of the course.  So if you were 1 Mile from the Finish Line at around 11:15AM, you would look in the folder that contains that time.

Mile 3 (Marathon Mile 6)

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